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  • Biomechanical evaluation of an intramedullary clavicle screw in simple oblique and butterfly wedge fractures.
    Bryce F Kunkle, John D. DesJardins, Joel Campbell, Josef K. Eichinger, Michael J. Kissenberth, Kenneth Aaron Shaw, John M. Tokish, Stephen A. Parada
  • Geographic variation in the treatment of proximal humerus fracture: an update on surgery rates and treatment consensus
    Sarah B. Floyd, Joel Campbell, Cole G. Chapman, Charles A. Thigpen, Michael J. Kissenberth, John M. Brooks
  • Is There a Preoperative Morphine Equianalgesic Dose that Predicts Ability to Achieve a Clinically Meaningful Improvement Following Spine Surgery
    Joseph B. Wick, Ahilan Sivaganesan, Silky Chotai, Kristin R. Archer, Samuel L. Posey, Parker T. Evans, Joel R Campbell, Clinton J. Devin
  • Association of smoking and alcohol use with rifampin-resistant TB treatment outcomes
    J R Campbell, E D Chan, L F Anderson, M Bonnet, S K Brode, J P Cegielski, L Guglielmetti, R Singla, G J Fox, A Skrahina, D Rodrigues, L Kuksa, P Viiklepp, D Menzies
  • RUSH University
  • American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Covenant Medical Center